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Corporate Conscience Circle (3C) Cluster

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3C in brief

‘3C’ stands for Corporate Conscience Circle. It is a cluster consisting of a team of multidisciplinary staff and students who are committed to the philosophy of encouraging corporations to embrace the responsibility of creating positive impact and values to the community via CSR and USR activities.

3C actively seeks partnership with relevant stakeholders (corporations, GLCs, NGOs, etc) to organise, facilitate and advocate their CSR activities that would have significant impact on the community and environment.

*USR = University Social Responsibility
 GLCs= Government Linked Corporations


  • To advocate, educate, research and advise on the significance, benefits and strategies of CSR. 
  • To engage with relevant stakeholders to support and promote CSR practices at local, national and regional levels.
  • To collaborate with corporate sectors including GLCs to support university-community engagement projects. 
  • To establish CSR-based network nationally and internationally.


3C’s actively seeks for industrial and community partners to conduct, organise, facilitate or participate in CSR activities. These activities significantly impact the community, environment, marketplace, corporate governance and workplace, entrepreneurs and leadership. Examples of such activities are:

• to conduct CSR workshops and seminars for capacity building

• to produce and publish CSR materials for promotion and knowledge sharing

• to seek sponsorship for corporate-university-community engagement projects

• to conduct research on corporate-university-community engagement projects


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