Division of Industry Network, Community & Institutional Sustainability


At BJM (Bahagian Jaringan Masyarakat) we inspire and empower USM academicians to transform their passions and ideas to impact the communities positively.

At BJM, we define Community Engagement (CE) as the process through which organizations and individuals establish enduring, meaningful relationships and collaborate on a shared vision to benefit the community. This process involves active participation, identifying issues, and mobilizing relevant resources and strategies to drive community improvement and positive change. Essential elements such as engagement, partnership, coalitions, and sustainability are critical for ensuring the social functioning and well-being of the community. Successful community engagement relies on the voluntary participation of all parties, leading to a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources (USM 2010).

The implementation of high-impact community projects refers to projects implemented with the involvement of USM communities (academia, students, and staff), external (local) communities, government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and industries. BJM practices the QUINTUPLE HELIX in our community engagement projects.

BJM offers a wealth of hands-on experiences, funding opportunities, and training design to equip the academicians with the essential skills and experiences to create “people-led” local solutions to meet community issues by embedding the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Community Engagement projects focus on Education, Health, Environment, Economy, and Arts & Heritage.

The internal USM Community Engagement (CE) Grant is structured into three (3) phases, with the call for applications opening each year in March.

Grant recipients must attend the Rubric Development Assessment Session to understand how to publish a comprehensive and impactful community report.

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