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Ad Hoc Community Engagement Projects/Activities/Programmes

The implementation of USM-community engagement projects/activities/programs is an activity of the Division of Industry & Community Network (DICN/BJIM), aimed to create awareness and understanding among the campus community of noble efforts being carried out to lead in the promotion of sustainability for the development and transformation of the community. These efforts complement the role of universities in the 21st century whereby a university and its community, be it faculty, administrators and also students, engage closely with the local community and embark the initiatives through partnerships and transfer of knowledge, competencies and expertise to fulfill the needs of the community and transform their social-economic well-being.

Such efforts are commendable and supported by USM as it has a high impact and produces USM staff and students who are caring and responsive to the social needs. To support these efforts, the University has agreed to allocate funds for the USM community to carry out the community engagement projects that are ad hoc or one off basis.

Community engagement projects/activities/programs in the form of community service and community outreach that fulfill the following criterias can be considered for funding by BJIM:

  • Community projects/activities/programs mutually beneficial to Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and the community, and has an impact on the target group.
  • Community service projects/activities/programs for groups in great need of immediate aid while waiting for a more comprehensive program to transform their social-economic well-being.
  • Community outreach projects/activities/programs by the USM community to raise awareness on environmental care, health, education, heritage and culture and socio-economy.
  • Community projects/activities/programs carried out must demonstrate elements of networking/collaboration with other parties in the form of sharing of resources, expertise, experience and funds.

The application for funding of ad hoc community engagement projects/activities/programmes was opened throughout the year. The approval for funding is subject to the availability of funds allocated for each year. Below is a list of ad hoc projects/activities/programmes that have been carried out in USM by year: 

Ad-Hoc Project 2013

Ad-Hoc Project 2014

Ad-Hoc Project 2015

Ad-Hoc Project 2016

Ad-Hoc Project 2017