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The mission of this TESDEC Development Center is to:

  • Provide skill training to produce skilled and semi-skilled workers depending on the current industry needs.
  • Provide skill enhancement programmes to current industry workers.
  • Provide modular courses for industry needs by providing “internal training”.
  • Assist industry in getting skill and semi-skilled workers.
  • Provide training programmes that are marketable and relevant to industry needs.

One of the many training ventures of TESDEC is conducting short courses depending on the demand, through the cooperation of other relevant institutions. USM hosts such a cooperation training programme with TESDEC in its biotechnology and biopharmaceutical programme. The intensive, practical programme stresses on hands-on experience, interrupted only by a few briefing sessions. Trainees are required to have the relevant background to gain the full benefit of the practical exercises. The topic revolves around biopharmaceuticals production and downstream processing.

This programme was held on 5th May 2008 until 26th June 2008 and attended by 24 fresh biology graduates from USM, UTM and open to all unemployed biology graduates. Educational tours to a few relevant institutions / companies expose the trainees to the job market and the current state of technology in the industry. The course offered once a year, depending on the needs.

Trainees are given monthly allowances, with a strict requirement of adhering to the programme regulations throughout the entire programme. This includes attending all training sessions on time.


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