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  1. The minimum attachment duration is for one (1) month and a maximum of two (2) months.
  2. The Academic Staff Attachment (ASA) programme has to be implemented in the country.
  3. All application must be certified by the Dean and approved by the Deputy-Vice Chancellor (Industry & Community Network).
  4. All academic staff are eligible to apply for the ASA programme once in a year as a replacement or an alternative for research leave. 
  5. ASA programme can be carried out anytime throughout the year with the approval of the Dean but academic staff on sabbatical leave in that year are not eligible to apply.
  6. The academic staff need not sign any agreement letter in order to apply for the programme. However, a report form that shows the benefits gained from the programme must be completed after the ASA programme and sent to the Dean/Director for verification and subsequent submission to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Industry & Community Network), two (2) weeks after completion of the attachment period. 
  7. All administration matter for the attachment programme is under the Head of PTJ.
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