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  1. To expose staff to the current environment, trends and work culture of the industry.
  2. To enable staff to develop experience, specific skills and knowledge, as well as ‘hands-on’ expertise, technologies and State of the Art in the industry.
  3. To establish and enhance the academic programme, making it more dynamic and current through experience and knowledge gained from this staff attachment program. It hopes to produce sought-after graduates in the market as well as relevant curriculum that fulfill the industries requirement and our country needs. According to NSHEP, the involvement of industrial sector in the formulation of curriculum will increase the marketability, relevant and skills of graduates.
  4. To look for potential expertise-sharing in research, consultancy and engagement projects between university and industry. Function as referral center in certain areas to the industries.
  5. To identify niche areas in certain fields or programmes for collaboration with industry. This will increase the competitiveness and university excellence.
  6. To explore the latest infrastructure in the industry, such as hi-tech tools, research instruments, labs and so as to improve and extend the infrastructures in the university so that the university is equipped with world-class and advanced equipments.
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