Division of Industry & Community Network

Industry-Community Network Information System (ICN-IS)

The Industry-Community Network Information System (ICN - IS ) is initiated by the Division of Industry & Community Network (DICN) together with the assistance of Pusat Pengetahuan Komunikasi dan Teknologi (PPKT) in building database-related industry and community engagement. This database is an information portal system that combines 18 main modules all integrated together in ICN-IS.

    This database is designed in an integrated manner with the existing corporate databases. Among the target users are all the PTJs, DICN, University top management and the Ministry. The collection of data is de-centralised and through a single point of entry in order to avoid double entry of data. The reporting is in the form of monitoring, analysing and data analytics that can be generated online by internal use and as well as by the top management. Apart from that, the inclusion of data can be supported by uploading evidence. The system is managed centrally and as such, authentication level of access is needed.

    Hence, among the benefits of the development of ICN-IS is to ensure clean information is collected (Clean Information Management). Besides, the information will be readily accessed in real-time anywhere to ease the search of information automatically. Lastly, data analytics will be able to churn out the collection of information to assist in monitoring and preparing reports in accordance to KPI evaluation.
    After two years of progressive meetings and rapid discussions with PPKT, the system development stage was completed in April 2015. This is followed by the briefing and demonstration of the system to the users that include the Deputy Deans/Representatives of all PTJs in every campus together with the officers or staff in-charged. The briefing and demonstration was conducted on April 21st for Deputy Deans of all schools from the Main and Engineering campuses. Another session was conducted on April 27th specifically for the representatives of the centres and units, while the briefing in Health campus was successfully conducted on April 29th. The participation of the users has been impressively high with a total number of 85 participants. Numerous comments and feedbacks by the users have been received that include the technicalities problem and as well as the suggestions to enhance the effectiveness of the system.  

    At the moment, the data collection has already begun and DICN and PPKT are readily to receive feedbacks and comments from users for the improvement of the system from time to time. Overall, the development of the database system will ease and centralise the data collection of all PTJs in USM in order to provide a comprehensive report for the users and as real-time information tool for the top management in USM. Hence, the system will not only benefiting the users from all PTJs but as well as the top management of USM.

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