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Translational Research

We at Community Network Office, believes that innovation from the university must utilize to overcome the difficulties and challenges faced by the community. Through Innovation for Community (INNO4c) Programmes, the capabilities of the community, especially bottom billions group, can be improved greatly through adoption of science and technology. Through this, the targated group will be able to reap the benefits for years to come from tha innovation that are brought forth in INNO4c programmes.


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  1. Provides key information about programme/ project progress and achievement of the beneficiaries to stakeholder and agency partners.
  2. Compile all report in form of data as well supervision the programme/ project achievement by phase.
  3. Facilitate the minitoring & evaluating process to the programme/ project.


IMPACT4c is a web based system that build up for monitoring all the program/ project performance managed by the Community Network Office. IMPACT4c system is actually data bank thats contains all the participant/ individual profile information including participant/ individual achievement in aspect of sales, income generation, productivity and skill develop. This system also capable of generating a report by programmes and participant/ individual that can be useful for stakeholder and agency partner to tracked the programmes achievement

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