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Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) Cluster

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OKU Cluster serves as a hub centre for the OKU as well as to provide current information about the rights and environmental needs on legislative, social and physical disabilities to the public and the university.


  • To transform USM into an OKU-friendly institution and expanding it to the community.
  • To designate USM as a hub for Universal Design resources and reference.
  • To prepare and disseminate accurate information, reading materials and references regarding OKU. 
  • To strengthen research on OKU related issues.
  • To formulate and implement OKU policy. 
  • To champion rights of the OKU through cooperation with government agencies, industry, NGOs and organisations.
  • To engage OKU participations in events, community activities, and sports, nationally and internationally. 
  • To enhance OKU talents and their employment.

Advice and Consultation

Since its inception, OKU Cluster has implemented several advisory and consultancy services relating to the facilities and needs which comply with the provisions of the Guidelines for the Ministry of Housing and Local Government for the OKU. Among the projects that have received advice and consultation are:

  • Advice to Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang in upgrading the accessibility for OKU connection between Weld Quay - Komtar - Penang Road.
  • Consultation and advice to upgrade the common markets in Penang region.
  • Design advice on accessibility in the building design of Student Centre in Al-Bukhari International University.
  • Training on the way of helping and interacting with OKU to Rapid Penang bus captains.
  • To conduct OKU awareness & building auditing workshop to USM and NGO communities.

Sport for Oku

OKU Cluster involved actively in sport and recreational activities that involve the OKU.

•    To champion sports for the OKU.
•    To recruiting new talents as successor squad for Special Olympic  and Paralympic Sport at the international level.
•    To foster collaboration with organisers for OKU sports at national and international levels.


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