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Our Story

The rapid changing of the country's economic landscape today has impacted the community's dependence on public funds which has catalysed the university's direction in contributing a more precise commitment to the welfare and transformation of the society around them.

Therefore, in line with the purpose of the Community Network Office, which plays an active role in implementing university-community engagement activities that include the building of continuous and lasting relationships as well as the application of a collaborative vision that benefits all parties. But in this implementation, it requires voluntary participation from all parties to carry out the transfer of knowledge, facilitate the provision of services and provide facilities for mutual benefit and especially to communities in need. In implementing the university-community collaboration, BJIM applies the Quadruple Helix Model approach that will involve four (4) largest stakeholders, namely the Government, Industry, Community and the university itself. The unprecedented cooperation of these various parties is important to ensure that the objectives of the partnership are accomplished and contribute a high impact on the targeted community.

Hence, BJIM will ensure that the implementation of community engagement projects will be carried out sustainably to produce outputs that will impact highly on the community, criteria and standards are improved to ensure that the projects executed are relevant and will then, improve the socio-economics and well-being of the community.

However, effective teaching and impactful research will remain being the main mission of USM. Nevertheless, USM will always committed into maximizing the use of available resources, either human resources or physical resources, along the way to build meaningful relationships with the community in addressing issues and needs, as well as providing solutions to achieve the community transformation agenda.

The continuous efforts and initiatives towards expanding community involvement at the state, national, regional, and international levels are in line with the Strategic Improvement Plan for Collaboration with the community as the core of community-university involvement under APEX University's Strategic Plan. The plan aims to fulfil its social responsibility (University Social Responsibility- USR) in addressing and tackling community issues and needs.

In a nutshell, university-community involvement should be manifested for the purpose of research, education and consultation through a rational, effective and sustainable approach in order to create a more systematic direction to transform the community in a vivid direction, in line with the agenda of the country's key areas of success, National Key Result Area (NKRA)


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